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    Unanswered: Batch Record add

    Hi Everyone,

    i'm new to access and have been reading up on it.

    I work in an insurance company and i am required to create a form which pulls the customer information and add anywhere from 1 to 6 policies for that client. I just wanted to know how can i go about doing a bulk insert of these policies in that 1 form.

    Upon doing some investigation and searching online, I find that perhaps a sub form may be able to to do this but i have absolutely no idea how a sub form works and how to implement the sub form within the form to achieve this.

    I was hoping that someone would assist me in how to go about achieving this.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    on the Client form add a list box. This list shows policies to add.
    dbl-click and it will run an append query.

    1 . you have a table of available Policies to add. tPolicies (home ,life,etc)
    2. make an append query that adds the item in the listbox to the customer policy table, tClientPolicy based on the ClientID on the form.

    INSERT INTO tclientpolicy ( PolyID, PolicyName, ClientID )
    SELECT tPolicies.PolyID, tPolicies.PolicyName, [forms]![myForm]![clientID] AS ClientID
    FROM tPolicies
    WHERE (((tPolicies.PolyID)=[forms]![myForm]![lstPoly]));

    3. in the event code of the listbox, the DBL-CLICK event, add vb code, or macro to run the query,qaAdd1Policy2Client, above.

    the query takes the policy clicked and add it to the client.

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