using db2 v11 on linux/aix
I could find that db2mq is integrated with db2 (after enabling the db)
but the doc I found is not very clear about needed software
we would like to create some triggers on tables that would use the db2mq functions to push data to a queue
do we need to install federation server or are these functions available in db2 basecode ? or only if we want to use q-replication ?
according some doc : install mq server on same machine as db2 server : does this mean, you need to install mq-server on each db2 machine that wants to participate ? or can mq-client be used to connect to a mq-server, installed once.
the doc I found is based on old versions of db2. is there somewhere a dpc/tutorial/handbook that explains different possibilities of usage of db2/mq together
if somebody has been using some kind of scenario of db2/mq, maybe you could point me to some doc.. that you used of found ..