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    Unanswered: Sybase Database blockings

    I have recently started using Sybase , as one of the legacy applications that I work on uses Sybase . Very often I would see the application is freezing up , which I have traced back to blockings on the Database w.r.t 3 tables , when a frontend user does an ALL/ALL/ALL search .
    I have been told that this has been an application problem for quite some and there are no solutions available for it( which is unacceptable to me and I cannot live with this ) . Can someone recommend things to look into or a probable solution for avoiding such blocking scenarios , without making any changes to the Frontend ( like limiting the search capability etc.)

    P.S :- I am not a DBA .

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    First i would start by understanding what the front end is doing. Because if is select statement of a group of them, should not have blocking.
    Check if they are opening transactions. isolation levels have an impact on the locks acquired.

    Also identify the tables in question and check which locking scheme they have. ( sp_help table_name )
    Although again, this should not matter in this case.

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