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    Best way to setup a DB for about 100gb of data?

    Hello, I'm fairly new to setting up large databases. I've used Access and know the general capabilities that are out there, but am looking for advice on the best way to setup a database for about 100gb of data. I don't think this is a crazy amount of data (by today's standards), but know that its definitely too much for Access.

    Once setup, I'm simply going to be looking to do joins between tables and ultimately run queries on the data. Hopefully, fast queries! Anyway, just looking for advice on the next steps to take. Thanks!

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    Yes, you've outgrown Access. Which database you should go for now largely depends on what your needs are for your system.

    - How many users will access this data, specifically how many concurrent connections will you have?
    - What type of reads do you want? If someone is reading and someone else is writing do you want the read to be blocked until the write is finished? (Oracle allows the read to continue)
    - Are you looking for a free database or do you have a budget to license one?
    - Who will administer your database? Some databases take less maintenance than others but you have a trade off in flexibility.

    I found this to be a good general overview of differences:

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