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    Unanswered: What kind of database?

    I am trying to determine what kind of database a customer has so I can convert it. Its from year 2000 +-

    The tables seem to have their own files each with no extension and then the index I assume is the IDX file.

    Does anyone have any idea what this might be and how I can access it?




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    Some more hints would be helpful.

    Such as sizes/dates of the files.

    Yes, .IDX could be an index, but can soon tell from the sort of data in the file. Prob ditto for the other files.

    Same date/times on two files would indicate they are related, i.e. main data/index files would usually have same dates/times.

    Then, helpful to see actual data. Ascii, encoded, format would suggest how file might be read. Files could be from 'home made' system, with simple (if obscure) structure.

    Oh, do you have any .EXEs for this system. Looking in the progs may give some hints.


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    Just a guess, looking inside the files would answer.

    ADDRESS is main data file
    .IDX is the index
    .RCO may be a file giving the record structure
    .PRM - something to do with printing ?

    .OLD is old version of the dbase
    .OIX is the associated old index


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    "Mystery" data tables don't just show up magically on your system.
    Some Application created and used them.

    Rather than trying to guess about the data tables, it might be better to go to the Application and find out what it was developed in so as to be more likely to understand what type of data tables you have.

    If the Application developer/vendor is available, try contacting them.

    If not, then you might try using a Hex editor on a COPY of the Application EXE file to see if the contents of its header can help you determine what was used.

    Good Luck

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