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    Unanswered: Query Optimization

    Hi Gurus,

    Having a problem with fetching records from a table it was huge in size, index column has not been created.
    below sample columns

    id--index created

    my problem is i should not use the id in where condition,

    my requirement is to use non index column (name,age,salary,place)

    creating index, MQT is not allowed.

    is there any other way to fetch records faster ....? using any other technique

    Thanks in advance

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    Your question is too vague, with no relevant facts or numbers ("huge" is a relative term, give the actual number of rows). So you won't get a specific answer. If you have a query that is a one-off (will run only one time), then why do you care if it runs slowly? If you have a query that must run often, then optimize the query using whatever tools are available for your version of DB2 and your platform and your workload.

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