hi, this is my first time studying multivalued dependencies and there is a question that post by my lecturer as a class exercise. I had completed the answer but I have doubt on it. Please tell me where I did wrong?

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My answer will be as follow
Multi-valued dependencies
courseCode -->-> lecturerId
courseCode -->-> (startDate, StartTime)
(courseCode, startDate, StartTime) -->-> learnerId
learnerId -->-> (courseCode, startDate)

Functional dependencies
courseCode --> (courseName, weeklyHours, noofWeeks)
(courseCode, startDate,StartTime) --> lecturerId
(courseCode, lecturerId) --> (startDate, StartTime)//i'm not sure if this is even needed
lecturerId --> (lecturerName, lecturerEmail, lecturerGender)
learnerId --> (learnerName, learnerEmail)