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    Question Unanswered: MS Access's user interface to interact with data from a MySQL database?

    On Windows 7, I must connect a MS Access client (.accdb), where all the forms, VBA scripts, macro, and reports are, to a MySQL Database instead of a MS Access database (.mdb). Here what I have tried so far.
    I created a connection with MySQL Connector /ODBC 5.3 Unicode driver ( to the MySQL database with success.
    After in MS Access 2013, I created a new database (.mdb) by linking to my local machine ODBC Connector. I can see the data in each table I have linked.
    However, I didn’t find where to change the connection’s setup of the MS Access client (.accdb) so it uses the data from the new .mdb file linked to the MySQL database. Where do we do that?
    Is there another, maybe easier way to use MS Access's user interface to interact with data from a MySQL database?
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    IF you have the ODBC for MySQL , then youd connect to your tables via the ODBC.
    Access wont know the difference between its native .mdb tables or the MySQL tables.
    Access would run normally.

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    Hi, I have redone all the procedure to connect the Access UI .accdb to the MySQL database via connector ODBC:
    It didn't work before I restarted Access. After, it worked... Maybe there is a cached activated on my Access's system? Thanks for your help!

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