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    Unanswered: Caching for Sql Sever


    Is anyone implementing SQL caching? We have created a solution that caches SQL in the application server to avoid network latency to the database. I would love to get your experience on SQL caching.



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    SQL Cacing

    Your question is open-ended as there are lots of different types of SQL/database caching. The database itself will cache frequently used query plans and data blocks. There is nothing a user needs to do to take advantage of this. SQL Server does not cache query results however.

    My experience is that there can be a significant benefit in caching SQL query results. Many database applications execute repetitive queries that take time and add load to the database. Developers may try to cache themselves inside the application or by using grid caches such as Redis or Hazelcast. The challenge is that this requires work and determining what if anything should be cached.

    You may want to look at the product called Heimdall that does auto-caching of SQL results in applications. There is a blog on it here:

    It says that it will provide analytics on the benefit of caching for an application without requiring any changes.

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