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    Unanswered: Utilizing an Access Database to Populate and Excel Template

    I am trying to build a better structure for creating product specifications for our products, Currently everything is done in excel, as a result every time a value is changed, it takes numerous man hours to make that change to all the specifications. Additionally, our inventory of products continues to grow. I am trying to introduce a new system for developing specifications that will allow me to manage the snowball effect of growing specs and increasing work for simple changes to the entire product line.

    My question is, if I build a database with all the necessary values for the template we already use (an excel sheet), is there a way I can enter a part number in the excel template and have all the other values populate into the template at their appropriate locations?

    I have attached an example access database with 4 different extension cords an excel template.

    Thank you for your

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    yes, access can update excel sheets.
    it will take some extensive vb programming.

    lookup how to use recordsets and the function: COPYFROMRECORDSET.

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