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    Question Unanswered: Looking for a tool to scan Oracle/ Db2 PL SQL code provide the Data Flow Information

    I have a requirement where couple legacy applications of our client is spread across 1400 Oracle and Db2 tables.
    There are 100's of PL SQL code written to flow data through these different tables. There is no documentation on Data Flow Diagram and also on the data model.
    We need to scan these PL SQL code to establish the relationship between these tables and the data flow path.
    However the challenge here is that each PL SQL code written here are too big, the least one when brought down to a word document came to around 86 pages.
    We are short of time and resources to analyze each of these PL/ SQL code.
    Is there any tool which can parse through these PL/ SQL code and provide us some quick guidance.

    Any Kind of help would be appreciated

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    There is no tool that can scan PL/SQL code to tell you the data flow, there are some tools in market such as Quest product can scan your database schema to give you ER diagram.

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