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    Unanswered: Dynamic number or user input parameters


    MS Access 2016:

    I have a need for a query where a user will input a dynamic number of attendance dates. The dates would be the same for all attendees so a parameter would fit my needs. But each time the query is run there could be from one (1) to many dates to be entered. Think multi-day committee meetings (fun stuff!).

    I'm open to prompting the user up front for a total quantity of dates - but I'm unsure how to take than number and dynamically create columns for the dates to be input.

    Hope this make sense, and thanks in advance!

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    Um. Tricky.

    If the dates are consecutive, you could try prompting for the start date and the number of days to run. Then use a formula in the query:
    Between #[Enter start date]# And DateAdd("d", [Enter number of days], #[Enter start date]#)
    The above is air code, but might point you in the right direction.
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