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    Unanswered: sequence of logs to copy

    On WSE 9.7 FP 11.

    After I do an online backup and start the restore to a new box, should I copy the archive log directory first or the current live log directory first? Or vice-a-versa? Should the live logs go in the new log live directory or can I put them all in one directory during the rollforward?

    Is it possible to have an older file in the archive directory where the live one is most recent?

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    When you start the rollforward command, it looks initially for the first log file needed for this, and sequentially accesses the next log files. It doesn't matter where all these log files are placed, but the db2 must have an access to them all.
    There is an order of log paths where db2 looks for logs during the rollforward:
    - active
    - in the rollforward overflow clause
    - in the paths specified in the database parameters sequentially: overflowlogpath, logarchmeth1, logarchmeth2 (if any)

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