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    Unanswered: check Q Apply control tables


    I am trying to connect to some queue (MQ queue) with Q Apply (my DB2 installation is V10.1), but I am getting the next error message:

    ASN0576E "Q Apply" : "ASNQ" : "BR00000" : The program cannot access the WebSphere MQ queue " ASN.COLDBBLD.ADMINQ". The queue name was specified in column "ADMINQ" of control table "IBMQREP_RECVQUEUES"

    This error message is when the queue is not created or the queue_name is specified incorrectly in the control tables. I already checked on the MQ side and the queue is created and everything is fine so, the problem must be on the DB2 side.

    I want to check the control table IBMQREP_RECVQUEUES to verify this but I don't know how to do it. I know the command asnqacmd to start a Q Apply program but am not sure it this command will be helpful to check the control tables. One other thing, what does the "ASNQ" and "BR00000" mean in the error message I posted below

    Thanks in advance

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    You can connect to database and query the table IBMQREP_RECVQUEUES under ASN schema.

    also can check the status of ADMINQ status in MQ

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