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    Unanswered: Brilliant Database v11 RC1 release (2 Oct 2017)

    It has been months without browsing the site, but just went to see if any update, and viola! version 11 RC1.

    Let's see what these versions have.
    Hopefully a little more support.

    You can download the latest v11 RC1 release (2 Oct 2017) here:

    Brilliant Database Ultimate v11 RC1
    Brilliant Database Server v11 RC1
    Brilliant Database Professional v11 RC1
    Brilliant Database Workplace v11 RC1

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    isn't he dead!


    no money left...
    I do not know English well. I am using Google Translate for translation. Please do not laugh my sentences.

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    yeah, seen it too.

    But, can anybody explain or give me a good reason why I should spend 1799 USD for the ultimate version without getting contact and/or support if needed when a competitor with much more powerfull capabilities cost only 299 USD for a lifetime license with an active support forum/community?

    Their scripts are mostly compatible to Free Pascal/Lazarus which is complete free and has a much larger support community.

    In the past 1.5 years I was in need to learn a lot of programming and do my databases with Lazarus. Slower development as with Brilliant Database but I have everything under my control, much more posibilities and can get support from a large community if needed. Their documentation has tons of examples and descriptions.

    If somebody asks me for a linux version or web version I can do it, but not with Version 11.

    At this moment I don't see anything good for returning to Version 11. Anybody else?

    Imho he has ignored customers and problems to long to be reliable enough for this price. Even for 99 USD I would choose his competitor at the moment...

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    I am using Brilliant Database since 2009 and I must give credit to the software.
    It's working for me.

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    It would be nice if the developer would provide some information on what is new and fixed.

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    I think that brilliant db is a one guy business which means lack of support, updates and ideas for future versions. Using that strategy in business will never become successful.
    I've been using the SW for a while but getting frustrated when suddenly company disappeared for an entire year.
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