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    Database Hosting question

    I have a rather small database consisting of two simple 2-dimensional tables (currently existing in Excel), each about 10 fields wide and about 10.000 records long. The tables grow rather slowly, with no more that 10 entries added each day.
    In the future, content from this database will be accessed through an API, with up to 100.000 calls/day. This is too much load to host on a regular webspace. I am therefore looking for suggestions which cloud solution I should take. Would it work through something like Google Docs? Should I research and try Amazon AWS? I am open for ideas!
    many thanks, Alex

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    I dont think this is the best way to resolve this issue, i hope that in the space of asking this question youve come to another solution. But as far as your questions go i would go with google docs anyway before amazon.

    Let me know what you did , i would like to know if you found a better solution.

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