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    Unanswered: Dummy Data for MongoDB and MySQL

    Hi All,

    I am a student currently investigating some research that I will need to do for some big data analysis on 2 databases from PHP.. I will be looking to test the execution times and performance testing between the 2 databases. My aim is to make an application using PHP that will pick up data from both MySQL and Mongodb and will show me results etc how quick it takes to register a user into both databases and whats quicker and more so you get the gist on what I am aiming to do..

    I wanted to know whether someone could help me and tell me where I can find some dummy big data that is sufficient and to implement into MySQL and MongoDB so I can test early on while I am in the research stage of my project. I need the data to be the same data in both of the databases so its a fair analysis of whats going on,

    I hope to hear from you all


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    StackOverflow publishes a database that could be used for testing. It's a fast download using BitTorrent since there's a lot of seeders.

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