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    Unanswered: Relational Databases - Data not showing


    I am trying to solve this problem on a question paper.

    i have linked 3 tables together to create a relational database

    on my booking:table, i want to be able to select "customer_ID" from the drop down function. when this happens i would like it to display the customer details such as the name and skill level.
    currently it is only showing the number. i linked the tables together assuming it will show the relevant data. i have not created any forms yet, i am trying to mimic what is on the mark scheme.

    i am unsure on how to do this

    i have attached the question and screenshots of the solution. i am unsure on how they showed the names and skill level within the tables
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    you dont need a DATE and a TIME field. One single date/time field holds both as: 1/1/17 01:30 PM

    Make a table to hold the tLessonTimes:

    make a frmBooking form
    this will have a combo box with Cust IDs,Names
    on the form is a SUB FORM for the customer info. Make a form to show the customer info.
    the subform will be bound to the cboCustID box. When user picks the ID , the customer info will fill in.

    same with Instructor info. cboInstructor box, frmInstructor subform.

    combo box that reads tLessonTimes.
    combo box for customer skill level
    combo box for pricing....which means a tPricing table:
    beginner, 20.00
    intermediate, 30.00
    advanced, 40.00

    the combo box has both items in it,
    when the user picks skill level for the class, the cost should fill in.

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