Is it possible to do a JOIN ON xx.xx = xx.xx before I do the insert into query?

The data I have coming into my stored procedure is this (@val1):
And the values for above (@val2):
    'Force','SW','3','ATT','STORAGE','CHASSIS','details here','Microsoft','REDHAT'
And now the Query (stored procedure) itself:
    INSERT INTO mLine 
Now the reason why I need to call a JOIN ON before I do an insert is that currently the environment, serviceManagerType, serviceManagerSubType, manufacturer and vendor should all have a number associated with the value that it currently has in my insert query.

So in other words:
    mLine table:
    id  |network |type |....|environment |...
    54  |Force   |SW   |....|ATT         |...

    environment table:
    id |Name
    1  |Open
    2  |Closed
    3  |ATT
    4  |Unknown
    5  |Other
For the example above, environment is being sent with a value of ATT but in the table mLine its a number which should be 3.
    mLine table:
    id  |network |type |....|environment |...
    54  |Force   |SW   |....|3           |...
What all would I have to modify in my stored procedure in order to accomplish this?

NOTE: I am unable to change the data coming into the stored procedure.