Hi all,

I'm trying to write VBA in Excel to export a WorkSheet to a pre-existing table in Access. I've found a bunch of suggestions (links below), but I don't find them to be clear enough in defining the variables/syntax. Nor do I understand if/where to define which (Excel) columns go to which (Access) variables, if it's best to use DAO, ADO, ADOBD ... basically I'm very lost with this, usually I just copy and paste the data into the table, but this needs to go to a client and be generated automatically from the Excel Macro. I'm trying to do the export in bulk in 1 go rather than loop through each instance (because it could have up to 100,000 rows), as it seems to be the fastest way to export the data, from what I've read so far. Does anyone have any suggestions or explanations of the links which they could share? This is very time sensitive, I need this working in the next 12 hours unfortunately. Thank you in advance.