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    Unanswered: db2 10 & 11 change pagesize of existing tablespace


    My IBM CCM database was created with 8K tablespace pagesize. Bufferpool IBMDEFAULTBP was created as 8K pagesize as well.

    Now CLM6.0.4 upgrade process cannot create new table(s) in this database because of the data row size exceed the pagesize limit:
    DB2 SQL Error: SQLCODE=-670, SQLSTATE=54010, SQLERRMC=8101;CONTENTTS;15361, DRIVER=4.21.29 (CONTENTTS is the troublesome tablespace name ) .

    Reduce the table column size to under 8K is not an option. The application is IBM CCM 6.0.4, we don't event know about the schema details of it ( i.e. tables, indexes, constraints etc ).

    Create a brand new database with 16K pagesize tablespace and run IBM CLM 6.0.4 Create Table script is not an option, because we have 2.5G of production data in this database.

    How can I change the pagesize of this existing tablespace? If this is impossible, how can I transfer all my data from this tablespace to a newly created tablespace with 16K pagesize ? I cannot use the restore database command because it carry over the old pagesize settings.

    Thanks a lot for your help,

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    You cannot change the tablesize of an existing tablespace. 2.5 gigabytes is a tiny database. You do not need to create a new database. You can create (if not already exist) a 16kb bufferpool, and then create a new tablespace with pagesize 16kb. Then there needs to be a mechanism to tell the upgrade script to create the relevant table in the larger size tablespace (unless the script DDL leaves the tablespace options omitted, in which case Db2 should automatically choose the 16kb tablespace that you created).
    Most likely this scenario is covered by the CLM documentation, or by the support organization for CLM, as you most likely are not the first customer facing this situation. So contact IBM.

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    maybe creating new tablespaces and using admin_move_table
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