Hi, I run a spa and am looking for a type of POS solution using a database software, so that I can record every treatment sold throughout the day and viewing a report in the evening. The important things to note are the treatment itself (drop down menu + multiple choice), the length of time for that treatment (drop down menu), the price (automatically set depending on the 2 former options), time of arrival and departure of customer, a discount calculator that subtracts from the price, a final price including discount, customer membership number, name of receptionist, notes.

My question is which type of software would serve this purpose best? With your suggestions, I would look at YouTube and learn whichever software looks most suitable. I am new to databases and currently write all of the data above in a book, and have my receptionists fill out a report on Google Sheets at the end of the day.

Thanks so much for your help!

+ additionally, the report would be a summary of all treatments had, eg. Aromatherapy massage - 3pax - $18 (each) - $56 (total)