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    Unanswered: ER diagram help

    For this scenario, could you help me to draw ER-Diagram.

    In a university system, There are various exam types called Quizes, Practicals, End semester exams and mid semester exams per each subject.

    Marks are allocated differently for each exam.

    Grade should also be calculated in each subject with Quizes, Practicals, End sem exam and mid sem exam per each child.

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    You have to give what you have tried and where exactly stuck. So as per that we can help you.

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    University Management Information System

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Kindly check the attached image.

    1. There are several exam types (end semester examination, mid semester examination, Practicals, Quizzes, projects ). based on the subject number of practicals, Quizzes and projects are vary. Different marks are allocated per each. and per each subject number of practicals and quizzes are vary. how can i represent it in Er- diagram.

    2. How to connect individual student grade entity also.

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