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    Unanswered: SQL Server 2008 R2 books

    Hello. I've been a network administrator for about 20 years. In the small company I work for I've been tasked to eventually take over administering the sql servers. I'm looking for a book that can get me started. Not necessarily a book for certification but a real world book.
    The 2 I've looked at are:

    The reviews for the Microsoft cookbook says that its more intended for people that have some understanding of SQL. The other book "Beginning SQL Server 2008 administration" isn't the "R2" version. Not sure how important that would be.

    Does anyone have a good recommendation on a book to get started?

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    The Accidental DBA book may be the right one for you:

    This book assumes you have been thrown into the DBA role, and need to learn the most important things first. Good luck.

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