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    Question Unanswered: Cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation

    i am getting the following error in SQLServer2000:-
    Cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation

    Sequence Of Operations :
    1. Restored a database from a SQLSERver7.0 backupfile into SQLServer2000 database

    2. Differences found when the stored proc. 'sp_server_info' was run on SQLSErver2000 and SQLServer7.0

    SQLServer2000 MIXED

    SQLSERver7.0 :- charset=iso_1 sort_order=bin_iso_1 charset_num=1 sort_order_num=50
    SQLServer2000 :- charset=iso_1 sort_order=nocase_iso charset_num=1 sort_order_num=52

    3. For the command "select DATABASEPROPERTYEX()" in SQLServer2000
    The temporary and master database returns --> SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS
    The restored database returns --> Latin1_General_BIN

    4. I am getting the error in a sp where data is being fetched from 2 temporary tables.
    I suppose the backupup database 'Collation' has to match the Master & temdb 'Collation'

    How do i change the 'Collation' parameter of the new database so that it matches with the tempdb database ? Will this solve the problem ?

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    Tempdb will use the collation of the model database when the server is started (i.e. tempdb is built).

    Use can coerce the collations used in queries to compare using a specific collation.
    = (colname collate collationname)

    You can change the collation of a database by
    alter database collate collationname
    this will change the default collation for new tables
    For existing ones I think you will have to run alter table scripts.

    These may all change the representation of the data though.

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