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    Unanswered: Using FC-AL (fiber channel) for disk layout 8.1.7

    I am new to using fiber channel in mapping Oracle's 8.1.7 disk layout implementation. Currently, we have a SUN BLADE 1000 w/2 CPU and 1 disk drive that needs Oracle 8.1.7 installed.. I am "protesting" w/my Sys. Admin group about the lack of "multiple" disks required for maintaninability, recoverability and performance but the response was that this FC-AL is 100 times faster in transfer data across than multiple SCSCI s for multiple disks and that 1 disk drive w/FC-AL is sufficient. Previous installation has been non-raw partition, any need for raw? Customers requirement is "fast performance" as usual.

    If anyone out there have experience w/fiber channel in disk layout, please help! Any "bits" of info is GREATLY APPRECIATED!!


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    I don't have experience with fcal. However common sence tells me to keep my logfiles seperated from my datafiles and spread over multiple disks for recoverability.

    They say these disks are 100 times faster than SCSI. Fine, let tests show they are right.

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    Sounds like you have your work cut out for you with your sysadmins, they don't know what their talking about. FC is not 100 times faster, fc is 100 mb/s and fast wide diff scsi is 40 mb/s and ultra 160 scsi is 160 mb/s! Many studies have show that scsi is actually faster than FC for small transactions like order entry system. You will never get any real performace out of one disk for any database, not just Oracle. You need multiple disks for i/o concurrency, redundancy, and bandwidth. A hard disk (FC or SCSI or IDE) can only do one thing at a time (read or write), period. And any one disk can only put out about 5-10 % of any buses capacity. Even a pair of drives (mirror or jbod) would be much better. And for the raw partition, you dont want that for this instance, at all. Raw is fading in popularity now that disks and file system software are getting faster and cheaper. It is also very restrictive.

    We have many FC and SCSI system here and have had to convince our sysadmins of the same argument. It took a while, but now they understand most of the time. I'm also a sysadmin and that help to talk in their language as well.

    Hope that help.


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