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    Post Unanswered: Help Me About Updatable Query

    I Have A Aceess 2000 Table And Add To Table With rs.addnew Method-
    On My Host In Internet This Script Work Safe. But In My Web Server Get Error " You Must Use Updatable Query"

    I Check My database And My Table And Setting In My Web server!

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    Make sure you are not using Inner Join Querys. Those might not be updateable in your database.

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    This is a NT permission rights problem. If you move your database and ASP pages to another machine the file permissions do not apply. You have to set them on the web server, not on the local machine. The anonymous account IUSR_machinename on the computer running NT or W2K should have read, write and delete rights on the folder where the database resides and read and write on the database. Contact the administrator to set the permissions for you.


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