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    Unanswered: v$db_object_cache

    Environment : V8.1.6/Win2K

    hi there..

    when v$db_object_cache is queried, I noticed that each dml & ddl statements are having two entries in this view. Every unique statement should have only one cursor, right? If so, what's happening?

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    Check in v$sql, if they have two enteries for the sql , there must be some difference.

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    Hi!!...Hope u remember me!.This is prabhakar.

    I guess the reason for two entries belonging to a dml statement in the v$db_object_cache is for representing a sql statement's private area and shared sql-area.If we query the view like this:"select name rfom v$db_object_cache where type ='CURSOR';" we see two cursors for every select statments.This I guess probably represnts private ans shared-sql areas.

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