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    Unanswered: Updating of the tables in two different databases

    I am using SQL server7.0. I am having two databases ,say database A and database B.Database A is the main database which is used in two /three projects.While database B is created by me for my work.From the database A, I am using the 4/5 tables, which i have copied in to the database B.
    So, i want to update these tables in the database B as soon as any change (insert,update or delete ) occures on the tables in the database A.
    That's why I am interested in doing these work.I have tried, but it doesn't work.So, I have placed these into these forum.

    Do anybody is having script fordoing these job.Plz,mail it to me Urgently...

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    Well, you could place a trigger on the DB A's tables for insert, update, delete and then have it modify DB B's tables.

    Remember that when in another DB to reference another database's tables it is:

    so you'd want to reference b..table.

    Or, you could set up replication from DB A to DB B for those particular tables. I haven't used replication extensively in SQL 7 so I do not know if this is possible or easy to do.


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