I've installed Tomcat 4 and DB2 v.7 to run Jive forums and some custom webapps. The problem I have is that the DB2 db2jdbc.dll is being loaded by the first classloader to access it, and is thereafter unavailable to other webapps. For example, when I start Tomcat and run the forum, it works fine. If I then try and load a JSP in another webapp that accesses my DB2 instance, I get:

javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native Library D:\development\SQLLIB\bin\db2jdbc.dll already loaded in another classloader

If I do it in the reverse order, the first webapp works fine and the second fails with the same error. I have run the usejdbc2.bat and the drivers seem to be loading fine. How do I ensure that Tomcat can either a. share the .dll amongst webapps, or b. assign an individual copy of the .dll to each webapp?