i have a cube with 6 dims,4 dims have calculated cells for:
Calculation Subcube is one measure:datavalue
Calculation Condition is:not isleaf([dim].currentmember)
Calculation Value is:iif((not isempty([dim].currentmember.datamember) and [dim].currentmember.datamember<>0),[dim].currentmember.datamember,aggregate([dim].currentmember.children))
because data is extract from reports and sum(detail data) is not equal to father-level data,so user want to see data:if father-level member have data then display datamember and if not then display aggregate(children).
after design aboved calculated cells,datavalue display is correct,but performance is horrible.query a dim member require 1-10 minute.
someone have advise or other method(calculated member ...),thanks!