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    Unanswered: National char set problem with php+Oracle8 (ORA-12704)


    Problem: ORA-12704 character set mismatch when I try to "insert" to NVARCHAR2.

    The NLS_LANG is set on both ends as:

    phpinfo shows that it's correct on the php side (although I remember reading on [didn't find it any more] last spring that the environment variable should be set before apache is started thus seeing it on phpinfo wouldn't guarantee anything. Back then it wasn't even set though [didn't show on the phpinfo]).

    The admin of the oracle server reported having that same NLS_LANG value set. [Is there any way confirming this on the SQL> prompt btw?)

    (Copy-paste) inserts to the SQL> prompt do function but the same insert through php does not.

    If I use VARCHAR2, national characters get truncated ( -> d) and I'd like to avoid conversions to html.

    If I add the n to the insert like N'Text' I get ORA-00932: inconsistent datatypes; what does that n type of expression mean btw? (Where's that in the doc?)

    I use php4 (and the older ora_ -functions) and the server is Oracle 8.0.5.
    I don't seem to get rid of this problem.

    Please help if you have any hints.


    PS - Is there more conciese doc for oracle? The "verbal style" and logic isn't the most suitable for me 8)

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    Hi Janne,

    Get the full and straight forward answer here:

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    Try to add the NLS_LANG enviroment variable to apache startup script. Only this way I solved my problems with NLS_LANG.

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