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    Question Unanswered: Error handling on ODBC-bound form

    Hi there,

    here's my little problem:

    I have a form that is bound to a linked ODBC-table (SQL-Server 2000)
    When the users omits a required field, an error message pops up telling that the ODBC-Call failed because I can't have NULL values in that column.

    I tried to trap that error in the form_error-event. That works fine except it gives me the Access-error number 3146 (application defined error) only.

    Checking the Application.Errors-Collection didn't return the full ODBC error message.

    Is there a way of getting the full ODBC error message???

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


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    msgbox "error number: " & err.number & " error description: " & err.description

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