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    Unanswered: Premissions not showing

    I have and Access 2000 database.
    I used the the User Level Security Wizard to protect it.
    I added a user named bob, and assigned him to the Admins group.
    I log in as Bob, and I can do whatever I want.
    Here is the problem:
    If I go to Tools-->Security-->User and Group Permissions, and look at Bob's permissions, everything is UN-checked.
    Is that a bug? Did I miss something along the way?

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    Bob is a member of the workgroup administrators. Bob inheritted the rights from that group. When you look at the group you will see what kind of rights they have. When you look at the user you can give him explicite rights or deny rights for some objects.
    So in short, Bob has all the rights of administrator (which in this case has full control over all the objects) and can be given some extra rights or deny some rights to objects.

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