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    Unanswered: Remote access to SQL Server


    I have a problem.
    I installed in a compaq server with win2000, IIS and other applications the SQL Server.

    Than, so that I don't have to do the SQL Server administration locally, I installed the client only SQL Server option in a PC connected to the local network. After that, in this PC, using SQL Server Enterprise Manager, I tried to obtain access to the server I mentioned but had no success. I tried to do "New SQL Server registration..." inserting the name of the server, than using Windows Authentication, but only to obtain the "Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection" message.

    I tried a bunch of solutions but still haven't found the right one.

    Could anyone, please, shed some light over this issue?


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    This problem has occured here at my office and I just recreated it to be sure. We have a domain setup here called ABC (an example) and I have a workstation called W1, that belongs to the domain ABC. When I log into my workstation I can log in 1 of 2 ways, to the local workstation using my NT login ME (an example) or I can select from the drop-down on the login screen the domain ABC using my domain account ME. If I do the second I've logged into the system as ME on domain ABC or ABC\ME. Now when I connect to the SQL Server on another machine I'm being authenticated as ABC\ME my domain account. If I had of logged onto my local workstation W1, I would have been authenticated as W1\ME, which it not part of the domain, therefore "not trusted".

    So make sure the workstation you are using is part of the domain and log onto it using the domain login.

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    Have you tried switching the server to use SQL Server Authentication and logging in with those credentials?


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