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    Unanswered: Field property modification using DAO

    Dear all,
    I hava a delimited text file(comma seperated) which I imported to access using code. The problem is that when the file is imported and the table created, all the fields created as TEXT type. I want to know if it is possible to write a code (using DAO)to change the type of a field and if so how Can I do so.
    For example:
    my table is Customers in this table I have Orders field. I want to write a code to change the type of the Orders field from TEXT to Double and set its format to FIX.


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    I don't know how to change field properties dynamically, but have you tried to import the data using an import specification?

    Perhaps you can also have an empty template table with the data type set and just import the data into that table.

    Hope this helps...

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