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    Unanswered: about the cisam problem..

    We setup nfs(network file system) in two unix systems - stratus and hp-ux.
    Some Disk is shared and Both are runed cisam as a DB system.
    Stratus system creates cisam files(foo.dat,foo.idx) at HP system.
    This means that API runs in Stratus System and its output (foo.dat,foo.idx) is
    built in HP System.
    and We tried to open foo.dat at HP system by API that is compiled at HP System
    and is same in Stratus System.
    I would like to share CISAM files by both sides.
    but I'm getting a 171 CISAM error code.. and I don't know how to sort out it..
    I also tried to run bcheck in stratus system which made the files(foo.dat,foo.idx) in HP system running.
    The result was the same.. 171 CISAM error..

    Help me!!

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    We have a similar situation where we want to use NFS files from a remote server to the CISAM Informix system.
    CISAM does not appear to support NFS.
    The following error message gives some hints at a resolution.

    -125 ISAM error: can't use nfs.

    The ISAM processor has been asked to open a file that is located on a
    disk attached to another computer and that is accessed using the
    Network File System (NFS). This action is not supported. Database files
    must be on disks that are physically attached to the computer on which
    the ISAM processor is running. To use a database on a different
    computer, you must install the INFORMIX-STAR or INFORMIX-NET networking
    software. Then an application on this computer can communicate with a
    database server that is running on the computer to which the disks are

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