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    Unanswered: Track changes made to a record.

    I am creating a user form in Access 97. I need to be able to track record changes made in the form. I found an article (Q183792) on Microsoft's Knowledgebase that comes close to what I need. They provide the sample code that tracks the record changes and puts them in a memo field. That's great, BUT, I need to track the changes in a separate table. Any ideas?


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    I usually create a table with 5 fields, ID (foreign key that will be linked 1:1 to the main table), DateCreated, UserCreated, DateLastUpdate, UserLastUpdate. You can log users and dates(times) using your form by
    A.. Create a query that links the two tables, because the relationship is 1:1 you can update the query, then use the query for the form record source.
    B.. Add the log table as a subform and pass values from the main form.

    Regarding the Microsoft solution, avoid memo fields as much as you can.

    Hope this helps....

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