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    Unanswered: MSDE (SQL 2000) Full Service Pack 1 (2)

    I need the “full” Service Pack 1 (or 2) MSDE Installation files to include in an Installer. I am not interested in upgrading current MSDE RTM installs but rather need to install an MSDE SP1 (2) Instance on the client machines. I found a lot of places to get the files… but the weird thing is in the supposed MSDE SP2 download files (SQL2KDeskSP2.exe)… the sample.msi and samplupgr.msi files are missing that are the templates to be used to create the unique (GUID) MSI installation files for MSDE. Microsoft “highly” recommends creating the unique MSI files to ensure a previous instance did not use an MSI file with the same GUID.


    The SQL2KDeskSP2.exe does include the SQLRUN01.MSI – SQLRUN16.MSI files, but nowhere does it say you can use one of these files as a template and change the GUID internally using ORCA and VC++.

    Are we supposed to use the old sample and sampleupg.msi files with SP2 .. but use all the other Install files for SP 1 (2) ?

    Please excuse my ignorance of the "Windows Installer" software.

    Thanks very much for any information,
    Billy Matlock

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    I have been able to get the full sql server sp1 files using msdn subscriber download. I think you have to order a cd if you do not have an msdn subscription.

    I have not found a full desktop download for sp2 - although the page that announced the availability of sp2 implied that it would be in the subscriber downloads and that was a while ago.

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