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    Unanswered: Decrease Costs in INSERTS/UPDATES Queries.


    I wanna know how can I do to reduce the Costs of INSERT/UPDATE Queries that I have, but in some Traces of SQL Profiler, I see that this queries taken most performance of my server.

    Remember that all tables that I have are Indexed Tables with the default value of Fill Factor.

    Pedro Henrique Nunes
    Sao Paulo - Brasil

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    The more indexes you have the longer an insert will take.
    On heavy insert systems (telecoms for instance) I only ever have a single clustered index on the identity column of the call table.

    For updates try not to update indexed fields, also do not extend the length of any fields then you should get a direct update in place (as long as you don't have triggers or replication enabled on the table) which is the fastest type (hope that statement is still valid).

    Otherwise make sure the transaction log is on a different device to the data and that you are not getting contention on the table.

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