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    Question Unanswered: 8i Personal Edition Questions (New User)

    I am a new user of Oracle8i and have a few questions on the setup. I picked a typical installation and everything seems to have installed fine. Using SQL*Plus I created a new user and gave it all of the roles and priveledges for the sample databases set up for users scott and demo. I verified the privileges and roles through the 8i Navigator. However, when I log in with my newly created user, I can not access the sample db tables.

    I log in using the GUI that has user, pass, and connection string. I thought maybe I needed to use ORCL as the connection string, but then I get an error.

    In addition to this problem, I can not get my listener or TSN set up properly for Net8. I left everything on defaults, and when I go to test it it fails. I am trying to run it on a computer that is not connected to the internet, but which I set up a local network.

    I read through most of the documentation on the disk to try and solve these problems, but couldn't find any "working" answers. Perhaps someone here can help.

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    Try connecting with username/password, don't specify the database name. For a default personal Oracle installation this should work.
    (I think the ORCL name is not in your tnsnames.ora, that's why it won't work)

    For you to see the tables, do you specify OWNER.TABLENAME ?
    If scott owns table EMP, as another user you must do select * from scott.emp
    (Or create a synonym CREATE SYNONYM EMP for SCOTT.EMP)

    I hope you can proceed with this,
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    It' a long time I don't use Personal Oracle 8 and I never used PO8i.

    However for what i remember, with PO you cannot start a listener listening on TCP/IP using the default configuration assistant.

    In $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin there is a file named TNSNAMES.ORA: look for an antry like BEQ-LOCAL.

    That was the name you could use to connect to, or you can modify it to another name...

    You can also try to test if the listener is responding using the utility TNSPING

    TNSPING dbname

    should test the connection or tell you what is the error

    hope this helps

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    I created public synonyms for all of the tables. At first, the synonyms for scott were not working...then I realized that I used STEVE.Tablename to create the synonyms!?! I think I'm going to get a book on Net8 configuration because I can't seem to get the listener to work no matter what I try. Can anyone recommend a good book, or tell me how they set up a local listener on their computer?

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