Using SQL Server 2000, I have a package in which one of the intermediate steps executes a TSQL statement to restore a database from a backup device. The problem is that I am getting errors because my .mdf and .ldf file names do not match up??

My TSQL statement ...

Use master
RESTORE DATABASE Servo_LiveTEMP FROM DBUpgradeBackup WITH MOVE 'servo_test_log' TO 'C:\MSSQL7\DATA\Servo_LiveTEMP.ldf',Move 'servo_test_data' TO 'C:\MSSQL7\DATA\Servo_LiveTEMP.mdf',Replace

Only by guessing did I get this one to work, I am working with several servers and they should all be referencing the same name (servo_live_log.ldf & servo_live_data.mdf) but the two I have had success with reference different names as shown in my statement above. By right clicking on the database and selecting Properties does yeild the expected names. How can I view what these "actual" names are?