IIF() does not work in ACCESS 2002 GUI datasheet view,
1. Tried to construct it across GUI in Access 2002 and found that there is no provision for it.

a. The Gui in access95 gives an option called "Field" which could either be a field of a table or an end result of your calc using the table fields.
whereas in Access2002 the equivalent field "Column" does not provides the flexibilty to do any calc or cond stmts rather just pulls the column of the table.
It could be seen clearly that there is no provision to code for IF Else Stmts.

2. when i tried to do it in SQL View of datasheet and save it i got the following error:
"This designer does not graphically support the IF SQL construct."
why that was possible in Access 95,97,2000 not in access2002 adp.
Justin Benedict.