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    Question Unanswered: Problems with getting Java working.

    Heres the situation. I am running SunOS with java version 1.4.0-beta. I am getting the error:

    SQL4301N Java interpreter startup or communication failed, reason code "2".

    First of all, I have set the JDK11_PATH variable with the correct path and I set JAVA_HEAP_SZ to 4096. I know java is set up correctly because I have compiled and ran the code I was trying to use just fine, with a few changes of course. I have also ran usejdbc2 in my telnet session. If anyone has any ideas, please help, Thanks.


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    I have had a similar problems. I dunno if this will help, but please make sure that you are using correct JDBC driver and all the enviroment settings for the instance are loaded.

    dunno if I was at least a bit helpful, but I tried

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