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    Unanswered: DB2: Slow table creation on NFS

    I am experiencing very slow table creation/import using DMS on NFS.

    We are using DB2 V7.1 fp2 on AIX 4.3.3 (installed on the local disk) with NetApp (NFS v3 ). The NIC is 100Mbs (full duplex)/ 4GB memory. There are no heavy DB2/or other activities on these boxes. The tablespaces are created already before the test.

    When creating tables using DMS, I am experiencing a very slow table creation (some 50 tables with handful of rows takes 5-6 minutes. This normally takes around 30 seconds). The db2 import is also slow. My entire import takes some 20 minutes instead of ~2-3 minutes.

    Using local file system for the tablespace, I do not see this problem. Also if I use SMS on NFS instead of DMS on NFS there is no issues.

    We also exported a local disk and used that for the location of DMS tablespace. The outcome is the same as for the netapp. This tells me the issue is not NetApp but NFSor possibly DB2/AIX configuration.

    I worked with IBM support and they ran the same set of test I ran locally and they do not see the slow table creation on NFS.

    I would appreciate any feedback.


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    Smile DB2: Slow table creation on NFS

    I solved my own problem. Just in case someone else has this issue here is what I did. By changing the EXTENTSIZE from 32 to 2 at the time of the tablespace creation, I was able to increase table creation performance by 5 times.

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