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    Unanswered: Schema evolution in production environment

    I'm looking for the best way to modify schemas through the development >> QA >> production process in a repeatable manner. It must have a way to determine if accidently running a script again is benign or not allowed. The environment I have is MSSQL2K, SourceSafe for storing the scripts, and ant to push the script(s) to the next level. Specific questions:
    1. Should each version update be contained in one script or many? (Unfortunately there are multiple people doing schema changes)
    2. How can I set up Source Safe to allow ant to pull the correct script?


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    I have a method of controlling versions/projects in sql server at
    Administering SQL Server Release Control

    It probably doesn't cover your problem explicitely but the idea should be clear.
    I'm going to extend this when I get time.

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