I have an Access97 database on the LAN. All computers have NT4 sp 6. The LAN permissions are setup to "Everyone Full Control".

There's a VB program which is always executing onto 4 computers. Each of these computer regularly send requests to the Access97 database. It's SQL requests (by Database object .Execute function) and requests made by Recordset object functions (.Update, .AddNew, .Edit, etc.)
Requests of all type are made (creating, reading and deleting records). All these requests are quick but are send often (1 for each 10 seconds).

My problem is that if 2 of the 4 computers send a request in the same time, i've got the following error message on the computer that send his request the second:
"Couldn't lock file" (error number is 3050).

I know that this error occur when the database .ldb file exist
(it mean that a request is executing for an another computer).

But Access97 is supposed to be shared. So it is supposed to accept multiples requests in same time from differents computers! And the 4 computers don't use the same tables in the database (each computer have his tables). So, I don't understand why I got the message!!!!

Can you tell me the reason of the error and how I can
erase the problem.


Excuse me if there are errors in the text, I speak french...