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    Unanswered: how can i protect my mdb against illegal use

    How can i protect my mdb against illegal use?

    In what why can i protect my mdb from illegal use, e.g. the enduser
    may use the mdb for one year and then the application has to stop until
    the use of the mdb is legal again, by some action taken by me, programmed by VB or some other way.

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    Try This.

    First don't give your users a MDB, create it as a MDE this would prevent changes to the DB. Second in one of the forms put some little security function that checks the date and quits if expired.

    Let explain the second part in a little more detail.

    1) Create your New MDB
    2) Create a table containing preferences, such as Date Expired
    3) Use security Wizard and create read only permissions for the preferences table.
    4) Use maybe a dlookup function on one of the forms to look at the data field.
    5) take this to the next step and link the prefences table as a separate back-end with only the preferences, this way you could just provide a new backend with a new date.

    I use something very simalar to ensure my clients pay me.

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    I go a bit more in depth. The first time the data base is opened I lock them out of using the SHIFT key. Once I do that on my MDE I then have a start up code check a table called UsysDteFun. By using the Usys Access thinks that it is a system table and hides it from the user. I create the table with 4 fields.

    Install Date [Date]
    Expire Date [Date]
    Expired [Y/N]
    Evaluation [Number(byte)]

    The install date is null and the database checks for it each time and compares the dates with a datediff function if the date is past the evaluation period then it checks off the expired field and closes the database. The start up script checks each time the database is opened to see if the database has expired.

    It is breakable but someone really has to know about access.

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