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    Unanswered: Linking DB2 UDB Tables containing BIGINT

    I have linked a DB2 UDB table containing BIGINT Data type from access.
    When I display the data all the column shows up as #Error .
    I linked a similar table without the BIGINT column and It displays the data correctly.
    I checked the datatype in the access design view and the DB2 BIGINT Field has a data type of Binary in access.

    I tried displaying the Data from crystal reports using the ODBC (IBM provided) & the native driver and the BIGINT column displays fine.

    Do I have to change any setting in MS Access?

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    Here is the update on this problem.

    The problem is with JET, the database driver for MS Access.
    The Microsoft article explaining the problem is article #Q279515. In it, they list the fix for the issue, and an explanation that the service packs must be installed in
    the correct order:

    1. Install Windows 2000, and Service Pack 1
    2. Install the JET fixpack (accessible from
    3. Install Windows 2000, Service Pack 2.

    Apparently, if Service Pack 2 is already installed, then this issue remains

    Here is the abstract of article Q279515:

    ACC2000: BigInt Incorrectly Mapped to Binary Linked to SQL 2000[acc2000kb]

    Currently there is no fix for this problem for Windows 2000 Service Pack 2, with MS Access

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