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    Angry Solaris HELP

    Hi everyone,

    I am try setting up solaris and attempting to connect it to a nt domain using DHCP. I think that I have everything configured correctly I reciece a dynamically assigned IP address from the DHCP server. The problem that I am having is with DNS resolution, for example I can not go to but I can go to and everything works just fine. I have copied /etc/nsswitch.dns to /etc/dnsswitch.conf and this did not solve the problem. I have not specified what server to use but shouldn't this be set by DNS?

    Side notes - - My host name is unknown is this assigned by the DCHP servers? Everytime I change it and reboot it is changed back, or is this a sign of other problems in my network settings?

    I appreciate any help.....
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    First thing I saw that might be the culprit (or it just might be a typo in your post) is that you named the nsswitch.conf file dnsswitch.conf.

    Regardless of that, here is what I would check:

    - cat /etc/resolv.conf and see if it contains any server ip's
    - check your nsswitch.conf to ensure that the "hosts:" entry looks something like "hosts: files dns"
    - type nslookup at the command line and see if it finds a server. If not, manually add a dns server ip to /etc/resolv.conf and try it again.

    Dhcp will provide dns ip's to the client if it is configured properly to do so.

    If none of that works, post your nsswitch.conf and resolv.conf and I'll try to help some more.

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